Monday, March 16, 2009

Philadelphia Committee Meeting Recap

Last night was the seventh Philadelphia meetup. The word "meetup" is actually a misnomer because it wasn't the normal social meet-and-eat get together that the previous Philly meetups had been. The name for these kinds of events will probably be "Philadelphia Committee Meetings" in the future, and the word "meetup" can stay reserved for the informal social gatherings that so many of us have come to enjoy.

Last night we had a small group, just 5 Wikimedians for the bulk of the meeting and only 4 at the dinner portion. Despite small numbers, we were very productive and managed to lay out a general gameplan for the future. The goal seems to be that we want to hold some kind of major event every 2-3 months, and punctuate those with more regular but smaller events as well (meetups, Wiki Acadamies, etc).

Our first event is going to be a local take on the popular "Wikis Take Manhattan" that WM-NYC has done. Our version, Wikis Take Philadelphia, is tenatively scheduled for May 16th. We're still in early planning stages, but we are hoping to be able to plan an awesome event in the next two months. We're looking for volunteers to help execute it, teams to participate in it, and friends to help get the word out. I'll post more details about the event as we do more planning.

We're also looking for other activity opportunities, and like-minded organizations in the city that we can parner with to execute bigger events. If you know any people or groups that fit this bill, I would love to hear from you!