Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Chapters November Update

Here's a quick update about the current world of chapters.
  1. The new Wikimedia UK group is really moving along well now, and are making great progress. They have weekly meetings on Tuesday at 20:30UTC in #wikimedia-uk and #wikimedia-uk-board on freenode. They've been in close contact with Chapcom, and are on their way to becoming a chapter soon.
  2. The group in New York city is doing really well also and had a large meeting last weekend that, unfortunately, I was not able to attend. Kat did, however, and gave them lots of new information and answered a few questions. The ardent observer will notice that the current draft of their bylaws includes not only the state of New York, but also New Jersey and Connecticut as well. Looks like this could be shaping up to be a true "Wiki Northeast", especially if they grew any larger. There are fledgling groups both here in Philadelphia and in Boston who might do well to be added to this larger whole.
  3. Chapcom added a few new members a while back, among them Michael Bimmler (formerly an advisor to the committee) and PrivateMusings. PrivateMusings was added to the chapter as a "communications advisor", in hopes that he could increase our communications with the outside world and manage some of our processes. Both of these two have been doing amazing work, streamlining our processes and helping to keep the committee organized. These aren't the only new additions we've added lately, but there has been a lot of confusion and delay in getting our other appointees confirmed, so these two are the only ones who have had a chance to do anything with the committee. Anyway, things are looking up!
That's all I have for now, but I'm trying to get into a more regular blogging schedule here so I'll dig deeper for news if I have to.