Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Two new chapters

Business between the Chapcom and the Board have been a little bit slower lately, because the chapcom liason to the board, Frieda, has recently resigned. I haven't heard yet about whether there will be a replacement for this position (which I hope there is). I also haven't heard yet whether any of the new Chapcom members have been approved by the board. Prior to getting this approval, I'm not going to announce here who all has been added to the chapcom.

We have heard news that two new chapters have been approved: Indonesia and Brazil. Congratulations to organizers of both chapters! We at chapcom aren't resting on our laurels though, we have two other chapter applications in the pipeline right now. Also, we know the board was supposed to have talked about the whole concept of subnational/regional chapters, and I don't know how those talks turned out either.

I guess what I'm saying, the short version, is: Congrats to Indonesia and Brazil, and we need to wait to hear some kind of announcement from the board to know what else is going on.