Thursday, January 1, 2009

9 Chapter Goals For '09

If we achieve 8 out of 9 of these things, we'll have a pretty damn good 2009. Any less, and we're utter failures.

1. Incorporate Wikimedia New York City, after WMF approval.

2. Wikipedia Loves Art museum photography event in February is a smashing success.

3. Form regional committees of Wikimedia New York City in areas like New Jersey, Connecticut and Pennsylvania.

4. Wikis Take Manhattan street photography event in the Fall is a smashing success (again).

5. Teach Wikipedia classes at the New York Public Library.

6. Bring an important reference work into copylefted Wikimedia content.

7. Take one small step to the day when every cultural institution will have a "Wiki Department".

8. Further our alliance with local Free Culture groups.

9. Host a "Wiki-Conference New York" for 100-200 people in the Summer, in conjunction with our 3rd annual WikNYC Picnic.