Monday, July 28, 2008

Short update, I have not disappeared completely

It's been a slow couple of weeks recently, and I wish there were more to write about (and more opportunities to do the writing!). Hopefully, with Wikimania out of the way things will get back up to speed.

I have not heard anything recently about USA organization efforts. I'm sure things are happening, but I haven't had my ear close to the grapevine. If anybody has USA-chapter-related news, I would love to hear about it.

I've been in touch with Johnny and Cbrown. We're all a little bit busy lately, but we want to get back on track for a PA organization. It's certainly not preferred, but if the chapters issue isn't suitably resolved by the time we're ready, I think we're willing to move forward anyway and forgo (or forestall) becoming an official chapter. It's been over a year now that this idea has been on the table, and I think everybody is getting a little tired of waiting. If anybody is in PA (preferrably in the Philly area, to support face-to-face meetups) get in touch and help us with the organization effort.

The chapters committee has been getting a little busy lately. We've gotten a few requests from chapters-to-be, some of which are very interesting and controversial. I'll post more information about this when there is more to be posted. Also, there has been a little bit of a shakeup because some keen observers noticed that some chapcom member terms have ended. What, if anything, is to come from this milestone is yet to be determined. Delphine posted a note about possibly entertaining applications to foundation-l, and I do hope some qualified people apply. I personally would like to see some fresh blood added to the committee, but I can't really talk about it any more here.

Again, if anybody knows anything about the progress of organizers in the USA, I would love to hear it.