Monday, July 2, 2007

Signs of Interest

Even though we haven't made any public announcements yet, there is a surprisingly large amount of support already for the new Wikimedia Pennsylvania chapter. A few people have expressed an interest in helping with the effort, and several other people have also expressed an interest in joining the chapter.

In the current draft of the bylaws we don't specify an geographical limits on membership. This means that people who are not in pennsylvania or the surrounding area will be able to join and participate. This will make us an interesting surrogate chapter until other state chapters get rolling. Since our chapter's focus will be on grass-roots efforts, it will be possible for people anywhere in the world to get out in their community and do things for the chapter.

We're trying to set up a meeting (at least an informal one) with some lawyers to talk about our chapter and the bylaws. It's a very exciting time for us, and things are really going to start moving quickly after the wikimeetup on saturday.